Koras, God of Love and Life

Deity of the Life Realm


Koras, god of love and life, is a good deity of the life realm. His symbol is a golden, burning heart and his followers are called korasites. They are known to be a bit “touchy”, but otherwise very friendly.

His teachings include: the protection and aiding of innocent and good people, the purging of evil heretics, the fighting against racism, sexism and other forms of inequality and the spreading of his words.

The only known, direct relation to another deity is to his heavenly brother Asatoph, the Ashen Heart, God of the Equal Death.

Noticeably followers of his include: Theon “Demonslayer” the Responsible, Grandpater Donius and Adarn the Gold Heart.

An excerpt from his teachings:

“Blessed be ye who seeks the touch of Koras. For it is giving of warmth and love and radiating of shining grace even in the darkest hours of despair.”
Gospel of Adarn, 12;7


Koras, God of Love and Life

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