LOMP origins: the beginining.

LOMP recap: march 2017

Still on the trail of a mysterious Syresti weapon, LOMP continues their (moderately) stealthy infiltration of the ruined castle on Dead Man’s Peak.

An attempted scouting mission by Osmodiar went badly wrong, when, despite his invisiblity, he was somehow detected. He made it safely back to the group, but now sits traumatised on Bubbles shoulder, swaying back and forth and muttering “You weren’t there, man! You don’t know!”

Capturing a pair of enemy soldiers, our heroes discovered that the castle’s fourth floor “great hall” may contain their objective.

Disposing of their foes humanely (magical acid bath and decapitation followed by a 100ft drop into the ocean), LOMP forged bravely onwards!

Applying their skills of deduction to an ancient plumbing system paid off, netting the group a staff of piranha swarm:D Hedva takes possesion of it, delighted that she now has a way to make food for Stormageddon.

The group explored the sewer system of the castle briefly. Hjalmar showed a pair of sewer grates who’s boss (hint: IT’S HJALMAR BOARHAMMERRR!! (flexes)) and a horse was mildly concussed.

An ancient fountain is found, containing a magical secret of devious design which is ruined by Theon casting “tell me how this works” on it. The group gains a potion of water breathing for their efforts.

As our heroes creep down the cold stone corridors of the castle, whispered discussions take place. Marco Antonio, ever the moral compass of the group, questions whether LOMP is doing the right thing by working for House Calvedos.

Snatches of enemy conversation are also heard as LOMP navigates the castle. A soldier is ordered to take some equipment “to the sword”, another pair of guards discuss something that “gives them the creeps”.

LOMP have now finally reached the first floor of the castle, and find themselves in what appears to be an ancient, ruined library. Piles of decrepit books and parchments are heaped on the floor and lined up on stone bookcases. A cool breeze and the sound of the ocean comes from the right, where the entire wall has crumbled away. From behind an ancient wooden door at the far end of the room, voices can faintly be heard…

Meanwhile, within the bag of holding, Willoughby has completed construction of the dining area, and is considering where to install his hot tub.



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