Bubbles McSprinkles


Ninety nine years ago, a heavily pregnant elven maiden named Elorielle arrived on horseback at the Gnomish hamlet of Crundleby, deep in the Crundlewump woods. Finding shelter for the night in the metalworking shop of a kindly old Gnome couple, the McSprinkles, she explained that she was on a search for the father of her unborn child, an Elven noble with whom she had a brief tryst the night before he went off to war.

This night, however, Elorielle went into labour, and despite the best efforts of the village apothecary, died in childbirth.

But her son survived, and was raised to be a kind and gentle boy by his adoptive Gnome parents. Named after Bubbles Thumblewump, the only famous Gnomish warrior from that part of the world, the young Bubbles developed a keen interest in the surrounding Crundlewump woods, showing an innate flair for bushcraft and an almost supernatural empathy for the creatures of the forest.

One fateful day, while Bubbles was out in the forest, helping to mediate a territorial dispute between rival clans of twig blights, a rust monster found its way to Crundleby, ravaging half the village and laying waste to the metalworking shop. Both of the McSpinkles perished, and Bubbles, heartbroken, vowed to dedicate his life to protecting the weak from the reckless.

Driven by the desire to track down his biological father, Bubbles matured into a skilled ranger. He’s particularly proficient with the longbow, a skill he attributes to years of practise and the habitual intake of just the right cocktail of pipe weed and chewing leaves, which he swears gives him the perfect temperament for long distance marksmanship and nighttime forest slinking.

Bubbles McSprinkles

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